The first time you meet them, from the north face, you think it’s quite a dilemma the way go up from that side. As by the fact, the first ascent to the Cima Grande took 3 days… but only 4 years later Comici run up in 3h45′. A speedy man, an exploit, a magic line. The easy walk around is good for kids and dogs, maybe singing “mamma mia che bello” all the time.
Tre Cime LavaredoTre Cime Lavaredo, Locatelli

Monte Bianco – Mont Blanc

Ask me the place I studied more on the books, ask me where I spent some glorious days. Perhaps this timeless beauty is more domesticated today, but it’s enough a fish cloud on the top and in few hours everything can change. Sunny days and bright nights can still be a gift you’ll never forget.

aiguille du midiVallée Blanchemont maudit

Playing cards

We went trekking today, in our valley along the way from Ave di Ardesio to the mountains above. A nice day finally, even if after some while it began raining… I think it was around 14 C*. When we came back to the village we spent another hour in a bar, drinking hot chocolate, and our kids played cards: do you know “Uno”? I appreciated their fairness, winners or loosers 🙂