Playing cards

We went trekking today, in our valley along the way from Ave di Ardesio to the mountains above. A nice day finally, even if after some while it began raining… I think it was around 14 C*. When we came back to the village we spent another hour in a bar, drinking hot chocolate, and our kids played cards: do you know “Uno”? I appreciated their fairness, winners or loosers 🙂


what I see…

I see my son cycling fast around an empty place, with my hometown mountains just on the back.
Even if he’s still young, I asked my self about his future… where is he going to in the next let’s say 15 years?
Hard question, I thought.
After this view and thoughts, me and my son spend with mummy a couple of hours looking at many pictures of our past.
And now I see that our love is more relevant than what he could see beyond this place. Happy days boy!