In the North

This is what we’re used to do as big mountain skiers: in the North, to go in the North. It’s not by coincidence we go from time to time to Switzerland, not only to buy chocolate but to go skiing in the poudreuse.
Norway was on the project plan book for a long time (in the meantime we also went to the South, skiing down from Mt. Etna!), and finally we had a relaxing week. Mountains are not so big as we are used to but all the landscape is for sure unique and special. Lofoten and Vesteralen made a good playground for the five of us. Next time we’ll go explore the Lyngen Alps, again in Norway and “In the North”, off course. How to go there? It’s easy, plan your next trip here.

In the North from Michele Marzan on Vimeo.

Pakistan – Hushe – Baltoro

People, people, people… humanity. These are the great memories, after 13 years, above all the mountains we enjoined in 2000 while we made the famous “Baltoro trekking”, in Pakistan. Trango Towers, Gasherbrum, Broad Peak, K2, Chogolisa and finally up to the Gondogoro La (5.943m). After there, Hushe: a village where everything is so quite and intimate. I promised, I’ll come back.

Pakistan – Hushe from Michele Marzan on Vimeo.

Monte Bianco – Mont Blanc

Ask me the place I studied more on the books, ask me where I spent some glorious days. Perhaps this timeless beauty is more domesticated today, but it’s enough a fish cloud on the top and in few hours everything can change. Sunny days and bright nights can still be a gift you’ll never forget.

aiguille du midiVallée Blanchemont maudit

Istanbul, a sweet city

Istanbul is used to welcome you with its colorful sweetness. Lovely pieces of something unique. Getting fat is sometimes a pleasure…




Back home after the US trip I’m checking all the pictures and they are for sure a fantastic memory of what we saw. What you are is what you see, and we saw something that enriched ourself. We spent the last day in Carmel, with its beaches and houses and golf courses. Very chilly, but very lovely place to stay, maybe not in summer when the fog is there everyday. See you soon California.


Yes it’s the best one! A journey in the sea, discovering what you can see diving in a life. And a lot of splash places for kids at the Monterey Aquarium. Believe it or not, the last picture shows a sea horse!20110810-021220.jpg



State route 1

The ocean on the left. Mountains on the right. The sun in front of you. Wind, waves, fish, streeeeet… This the “1”! (today from Santa Barbara to Monterey)




“sss”: sun, surf, Santa Barbara

The perfect mix after many miles around the west lands: “sss”…! Santa Barbara is relaxing and in these day there’s also the Old Spanish Fiesta: the atmosphere is the best of the year. Only the waves are calm.