From AZ to CA

Some days ago we spent all day on the road, travelling from the Gand Canyon village to Disneyland: 460 miles. A long ride on very hot roads (43 Celsius in avergae), behing the glorious route 66, with a lot of music and games like Uno and all the iPad can offer. I need to say that the air conditiong of our car was our best fiend!




Along the Canyon

This is again what we saw today, during a long and special day. When you reach the point where the Colorado River is turning at more or less 360 degrees it seems to jump into an old film like “ombre rosse”. And late we’ve arrived at the Grand Canyon, obviously during the sunset! No words again 🙂




Antelope Canyon

It is not known exactly when people first discovered Antelope Canyon, but fortunately we have been here today! You can’t immagine the atmosphere along this long but easy canyon: I hope these pictures taken with my iPhone can help you, the best ones are still on my camera.
Thanks again to the local Navajos who are managing the tours with passion. Don’t miss this spot in your next US trip!