Vegas starts here

One day and two nights in Vegas, the best pit stop along the way of our tour full of parks and nature. Because in Vegas you find what you want, a part from silence. And now let’s found some tickets for toonight, the show here must always go on.




Scent of Sequoia

Sequoias can give you a sense of peace: so strong, so quite. Sooner or later they’ll fall down, but nothing is usually happening when you walk in the Giant Forest: everything is so magic.
And the night at the Wuksaki lodge is special as well, a warm house in the forest is ready for you.



Dinner in the valley

Here is how to do it: go to the Village Store; buy what you like; start your pic nic under the Nose (oh man, it’s bigger than yesterday..!); finish your dinner with caramel corns 🙂





The Valley

This morning we entered into the Valley! And what a Valley!
For people like me, with many years spent on the walls, a journey in a valley is something normal; nevertheless I always look around to find new views, rocks, walls…
But this morning we finally met the incomparable valley: Yosemite’s natural beauty can be found in things big and and small, from towering granite cliffs and giant sequoias to diminutive wildflowers. I’m still astonished by El Capitan, I think I’ll never do it… it’s too big 🙂 We hiked along the Mist trail up to the Vernall Fall: again, something big!




Tea and Cliff

Yesterday the weather was fantastic and we spent our time doing what you can’t miss if you want to have a deep dive in Frisco. First, breakfast at Honey Honey where the choice is amazing with the best value for price. Second, Alamo Square with the Painted Ladies. Afterwords around the Golden Gate Park, like every family does on Sunday with a visit to the Japanese Tea Garden, see a picture. Again, at my favourite restaurant the “Cliff House” where the lunch was super like the view on the ocean from the Sutro’s dining room, see picture. After lunch, quite late, a walk on the beach. And then downtown in Market Street for some shopping.
Finally, sliced pizza in our hotel room 🙂 We enjoied Frisco a lot, and now it’s time to move not so far from here. What’s next..?



Under the bridge

The bridge always offers dramatic views; under the bridge was our favourite, during a cloudy morning. Then we rode the bridge by bike down to Sausalito where the sun is always guaranteed. I’m not sure if you want to see the lobsters we had for lunch…